Thursday, December 2, 2010

How I Decorate/Celebrate @ Christmas

Last year was my first memory of Christmas but I must take you to Halloween 2009 to begin this story. I had been an orphan at St. Michael's and won a Halloween photo contest in Midian City (only rule was the pic had to be taken on that sim). When I arrived at the Art Gallery to see my entry on display, 2 women were looking around. One of them offered to buy me a meal and after enjoying our time together, she asked to adopt me and I accepted. I settled into her penthouse apartment there and was very happy til she met a Gorean man one month later. Instantly, Mama fell head over heels for him :(  When she moved into his home, I was not allowed on his adult sim so I became a throwaway child on the streets for Christmas. This season is not an easy one in Midian City but the only homelife I had known was in that hardscrabble region so I hung around hoping to find a warm parent like the one I recently loved. One day, in my wandering, I came across Santa just relaxin' in a I leaped onto his lap with joy! Apparently he was off duty and did not appreciate my disturbance so he spanked me :(

Needless to say, I became fearful of Santa after that. But one day, Sister Darkness (at the orphanage) told us Santa would be coming to visit in neaby Apocalypse the following night. She said he had someting for us and we all became excited for the event. But after a long, long, wait literally "chillin on de street", Scary-Santa sneaked up on us from behind. He was grimy and skinny and apparently in a diet-rage as he was packing heat: Never ever did we imagine what he would have for us would be bullets! I ran way and hid out for de holidays.                                

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