Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Once when you were frightened, what happened?

The scariest thing that happened to me in SL occurred last year. A little red-haired boy befriended me and he was funny as well as bright. We went to several sites together and were always laffing. One day, he asked if I would like to see where he lived. I said "Sure!" figuring he had a nice home and we would play in the yard. But he teleported me inside a skybox VERY high up and it was completely closed (no windows or doors). Inside, it was kinda dark. There was a dense forest with a river in the middle. Beside the water was a bench and a rug. I was confused, then decided he prolly lived outdoors with a furry family and slept on the lil carpet. We sat on his bench and talked and joked for a few minutes, then (with a chuckle) the boy said: "If you take off all your clothes, Sloane, I will wash them for you in the river." I was so shocked that I was not sure I got the words right. I checked and oh, I did! So I TPed away from there immediately as I did not want Linden Labs to think I even contemplated such action. A few weeks later, I heard he was banned from SL along with some new girl he had met.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

How do you feel about Halloween?

I do not feel Halloween as much as IT touches me: stretches its long bony fingers to scratch my back kinda like calcified chalk scraping my spine. Silent shrieks form and echo, somehow. Halloween widens my eyes to view Fear's landscape: lonely...except for...what ARE those? entities? Now it floors my blood-pump til heartbeats rev to full throttle. Mist slides film around me and I finally wake to discover this was just a clammy nightmare! Then October 31 plays out its 24 hours and repeats the above in "real time" shivers.

Monday, September 20, 2010

What have I learned in class so far?

that i need a quote from google here or sumpin...

"We do not learn; and what we call learning is only a process of recollection."
Plato And I recall plenty... 

Friday, September 17, 2010

What if cows gave root beer instead of milk?

Mmmm in concentwate form, it could be added to cwushed ice for a slurpee! THIS would look so good on McKenNOH NOH no I must not think like dis! I love McKennah and want her to stay dry cuz winter is coming. Also, Miss Neby does not wike slurpees flung about! Aww. Too bad. Drinks should be enjoyed in many ways and that's my philosophy. However, not everyone has my point of view (Utoh, please dun take that last word as a cue to begin ranting about SL viewers, I am all viewer-talked out atm, tyvm!) Also, I'm very thirsty now, gonna go make me a slurpee.

PS The biggest drawback to this no-more-milk plan is that ice cream cones would taste substandard, mark my words.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Journal prompt: Tell your fave things about FALL

Autumn: just the word creates anticipation for punkin pie
Halloween BOO! sites to visit~spooky & kooky~*major trip hint 4 Miss Neby*
scrunchy leaves become background music for reals
aroma of burning leafies reminds you how fun they were to dive into
thoughts of Christmas grow obsessive till December's blizzard of shoppin
crows fly away and stop waking me at sunrise (Dun huwwy back!)
sea smoke dances vewy slinky on our harbor in cold mornings
And de best part of dis season? ADIOS heatwaves!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Topic given: If you were a mouse in your house for the evening, what would you see your family doing?

hey! i'm a tiny mouse *squeaks to prove it*. there's a mystery in the hole-in-a-wall that's my crib :P i need small crumbs* to sustain my tute ears/perky whiskers but the floor here is nuffin but bare pixels. all i know is that no one's home today: the gwownups are all workin late and the lil blond kid, what happened to her? last time she was in SL, she'd just finished her Biome Box project, gone to class and then muttered sompin like "huh? how could miss neby ask me to be a wodent?" fwankly, i dun unnerstand what's goin on or eben where Sloane went...

*small crumbs is a two-word phrase coined by Winden Wabs' Department of Redundancy Department.

Friday, September 10, 2010

What Does September Mean to Me?

September 3 is/was my RL mother's birthday, she died younger than she should have. Oh the longing to be with her, laugh with her, once again cherish her so intensely that my love becomes almost an invisible, breathing entity in the room, pulsating a cloak of security woven in the colors of I-would-never-want-any-other-RL-Mama-than-you...the yearning to duplicate that will never fade till I search the clouds and see her on a distant cumulus puff of JOY, joy at last! This month is many things to people (especially the 11th) but to me it is gratitude for the memory of what was...the hope for what will be...                                                                                                              

PS. too grownup a topic for kiddie lingo today

PPS. Here's a simple poem I wrote shortly after she died:


“All her numbers are going down”

said the doctor

on Mama’s last afternoon:

“We might as well shut off

the oxygen.”

“NO” I stressed

with a volume showing

my decibel numbers

were going up.

He left her, then, in a coma

and drifting

to the soothing sound of bubbles,

the musicality of bubbles…

like in the restaurant where we loved

seats by the aquarium

or our family’s fish tank

with bloated guppies we’d overfed

like the glass-bottomed boat ride

over cypress roots at Silver Springs

or the filtered swimming pool

where she’d held me up

till I could float.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What Would Happen if Children Ruled the World?

BIG idea, big and it's not a beachball or a Charlie Chaplin silent mobie clip. We ex-cyst in a "circle of life" round plan-it* almost like some supersized multi-atmospheric biome containing all our "junior" biomettes along with people and skunks and french fries and Barbie dolls and oil spills and iPads and churches and landslides and hospitals and gangstas and daisies and war-stoppers...but war-starters too. Etcetera. Ewww what a responsibility! I do think kids would wike to rule the world till the going got tough though: "Dad, you're grounded for gibing me such a puny allowance!" Most children would forego school in favour of a television education (let's develop our memories by learning when our fave shows will be broadcast). Food would be junky meals (today's supper is soupy ice cream slurped up through licorice Twizzlers). Wardrobes might be whimsical, hmmm they are already! in order to rebel, we'd have to manufacture fully functional clothes (how drabby) ! But what would happen when a bully-nation decided to prank eberyone with "new-kill-ya!" arms? Then what? We would all be blast inside an atomic mushroom wondering if Linden Labs adults had the foresight to create a heavenly Third Life game before handing over the ruler-reins to us pipsqueaks :P

*PS. Plan-it better!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Which quality (or qualities) most describes your life in sl or rl?

Hmmm, a mishmash: both my lives are creative and funny and happy and sad and exciting and busy and tiring and fulfilling and fwustrating and joyous and scary and loving and peaceful and agitating like most lives. Sometimes, all in one confusing day! rofl. (jk) I go up one rung in life's ladder and slip down two...and vice versa...just like a lot people. The folks ya gotta watch are some of those (not all) who act like eberything is wonderful about them: Look close enough and you'll see stress cracks created by trying to hold together a "perfect" image. But don't be a poseur on my account, please, I enjoy relaxing with peeps... and being ourselves.

I remember the RL time we took an elevator under Niagara Falls to see "Journey Behind the Falls". I was fwightened in the slippery tunnels but then we met a professor who said, "Do you see all the stress cracks formed in this limestone?" I couldn't wait to get outta there...but when we got back to street level, the Horseshoe Falls seemed sensational, flawless. !!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

If I could be any animal, what would I be?

If I could be any aminal, I would prolly not be a cat as I would love my beauty so much that I'd waste away just admiring myself in de mirror! So let me be a seagull who can teleport without the help of Linden labs. I would patrol sky and ocean: For instance, if I saw a dolphin and shark swimming along, I would dip my wings in salute like a plane in an airshow...but if de shark got too close to swimmers then I would splash water nearby so ppl could see the fin! And in between saving lives like a winged coast guard officer, I would sing my haunting ballad out loud to let folks know summer is here and to remind kids they are welcome to share snack treats with me!

PS to Santa who sees all so prolly my blog, too: Santa? Please look below for my #1 choice in Christmas wish list, kk? xoxox Swoane