Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What I am Thankful for

YO! This is a time of thanksgibing and I'm very grateful for many things but since this journal is written at my school desk, thoughts of appreciation for OSE surface. I lob my teashers and I wike my blogs (ya I have a second one now too--- ) and my photography class and lotsa inneresting things. BUT. (That but is so important that it rates a sentence all by itself). But....something at my school does worry me and eben though I have kept this secwet to myself, I tink it's time I share the 411. Namely, there are two administrators who MAY be dangerous: Miss Jill and Miss Kendwa. I KNOW WUT YOU THINKIN as I can hardly believe it myself. It all started a few days ago when class pictures were being taken. After mine was finished, I passed by the huge camra and wondered why it so BIG? And it had a suspicious screen on it. Huh? This needed further investigation, I decided. So I crept back to the gym after midnite and found my way to de G11 Canon by emergency lighting.

It was tricky to see well as I had on my hitman glasses but need them to help me discern phoniness which I then assassinate. Sometimes I do it by just holding out a mirror...but I digwess. Anyway, as I drew closer to de lil monitor, this is wut I snapped (with my own pocket Canon SD1400 IS)....

WOW. Someone is privately instructing Miss Jill and Miss Kenwa. Zoom mode at de speed of light is commanded in clear white text....dis is why Miss Jill is always zooming around....she's directed to do dis. (Maybe she is NOT our director, maybe she is a spy takin orders.) Now for the SB-28, Hmmm... OH of course, it stands for Student Body-28 (main avs). ALL de rest be alts, dis place is cwawlin with em! Wut de SSS beside tha capital M means? I scratch my bwain....I hab it!  Mollify with Sweetness, Sammiches and even Samores at camp. Wut about all the numerals on dere? Well dey add to total the school population, prolly. The plus and minus? Some of us will remain but the rest will be offed! Oh no. How I know THIS? Cuz of the letters STBY: Shoot Them By Yearend. *cries* Surely it means to shoot those pupils with camra lens, right? Wrong! IF the "mm" signifies that 2 mausers are hidden inside dis humongous camra for these 2 admins!

Just then, Mama wondered why my journal-writing went into overtime and she arrived in my classroom. After looking ober my shoulder, she shifted straight to bossy boice and said, "Sloany Bear, you forgot to interpret "SEL" under L E D window. Sel is french for salt and this whole imaginative tale could only be swallowed with a large chunk of it....even considering it's a work of fiction. No more Nancy Drew books for you, Missy". Then Mama putted me to bed with cuddly hugs and I remembered that expressions of love are mostly what I give thanx for.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

How I Get to School

With my enlightenment hopes set high I spring into air and become one with wind whistling along earth's curvature, my hair blowing and flowing (yesh, all three inches of it extend mightily), plaid skirt billowing like my spirit as the Mary Janes kick off earthly dust to pick up heavenly stardust....and when I spot the familiar green bloom of Lil Wonders, I drop to my cool school at the speed of childhood.

How was my First Day of School this Term?

With the warm echoes of last year's HKE class greetings still haunting my present yearning, I lagged through OSE's corridors into my new term with Miss Neby. WOW, we have moved from gloomy attic status to a sparkly beginning in a classroom with so many windows that bright ideas and enlightenment are bound to seep in and "that hope" inside me that refuses to tamp itself down merged with my joy to be situated beside our playground where sounds of residual laugh gestures filter through walls to my essence.

Then, I set down a Hello Kitty colouring sheet as the first item on my work surface which is bound to end up like what I once told McKennah: "My desk always looks like one prim short of a fancy bordello decor". (Not that she knew what I meant, of course, and neither did I for that matter :p )

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Write on Something You Like & Don't Like about Yourself

Here is one ting I dun wike about myself: I seem to hab burglar/thief tendencies or sumpin. Scary! And I will take a dare too---dis is a bad combo. It all started when Brace Badger joined my HKE class last year. He was funny and charming and vewy bright. On class trips, he would dare me to do stuffy and the more this happened, then the more we bonded. BUT one day in May, Miss Jesie had a RL singing engagement so Miss Lena was substitute and she caught him challenging me to jump off a high bridge as I was poised on de brink of full kiddie crush! She had a hissyfit and forbade us to do anymore daring so we had to graduate (pardon de pun) to after-school shenanigans. We dun do dis often but sometimes we go to a role play sim and I put it?....well, we become junior sim-masters and create our own "role play". Once, we went to a pwace called Richmond City and heard a BangBang as we were walking down de street. We sneaked into de house to find a grownup had just shot a guy. Brace hurried off to raid de fridge while I stood amid de crime scene, callously primping my hair! The killer said "You kids should not be about when your parent's not online and Brace quipped, "But you just shot our daddy!" Then we rushed off to the big cheese---Crack Den's Hathian. My bf decided the ultimate would be to steal a police cruiser but they were all locked down and had annoying sirens (Hey, dun they know no party sounds are allowed in a serious rpg?) Anyway, we were cheesed off so even though the police station has official codes for entry, we managed to break in and scarf down some donuts in the officers' grungy lounge. Then, we explored de whole premises till we located the Captain's office and Brace filed a citizen's complaint. Said he wrote it in his profile and left a message for it to be found there. When I proofread it for spelling, dis is what I saw: "Sloane teached me how to hotwire a car but her hotwired my heart."
This brings me to one ting I love about myself: Beloved Brace!

Here he sits on some sargeant's detective mags while we chill to electronica rhythms of Hathian's static-y police scanner. Then Brace sent out an All-Points-Bulletin on his own name ---he weally did!---and we took off at full tilt run.