Thursday, October 28, 2010

What I learned in school so far~~also likes & dislikes

I learned who has the guts to make their own decision about me without blindly following the impressions or grudge of another.
I have learned that those who say they dislike "drama" create it overtly and covertly at times, just in their own way, but don't seem to recognize it as such.
I learned what a struggle forgiveness is but mostly, I can do it.
I learned if or when I go to another class, I'll be ok as I will take me with me...
I learned how amusing McKennah is:

[10:43 PM]  McKennah Starbrook yawns
[10:45 PM]  McKennah Starbrooks: I better get to sleep *sighs*
[10:45 PM]  McKennah Starbrook: tired
[10:45 PM]  Sloane Woodford: kk
[10:45 PM]  Sloane Woodford: nini
[10:45 PM]  McKennah Starbrook grins
[10:45 PM]  McKennah Starbrook: night sloane
[10:47 PM]  McKennah Starbrook: I need to take a building class someday
[10:48 PM]  Sloane Woodford: u r so GOOD u built de yurt really fast
[10:48 PM]  Sloane Woodford: tho lost yer notes for presentation
[10:48 PM]  Sloane Woodford: haha
[10:49 PM]  McKennah Starbrook: pffft
[10:49 PM]  Sloane Woodford: oh yes i will rub it in forever
[10:49 PM]  McKennah Starbrook: k, right
[10:49 PM]  McKennah Starbrook: sleepin now
[10:49 PM]  McKennah Starbrook: lol
[10:49 PM]  Sloane Woodford: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
[10:49 PM]  McKennah Starbrook pulls the covers over her head
[10:49 PM]  Sloane Woodford: YOU WOKE ME!!!
[10:49 PM]  Sloane Woodford: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
[10:49 PM]  Sloane Woodford:  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
[10:49 PM]  McKennah Starbrook grins and whispers reeeeeealll quiet "night sloane"
[10:50 PM]  Sloane Woodford: U WOKE ME, WITCH!!!
[10:50 PM]  McKennah Starbrook: fAKER
[10:50 PM]  McKennah Starbrook: LOL
[10:50 PM]  Sloane Woodford: hahaha
[10:50 PM]  McKennah Starbrook hurls a pillow at you
[10:50 PM]  Sloane Woodford: omg u r a fun fwiend

I learned there are some other classmate-friends too: you know who you are and I value the friendship. Your kindness did not go unnoticed.

What I liked best in class was when Miss Neby called me Sweety two times vewy warmly, when I learned how to make 1 prim animals for my biome project, when I rezed my pink punkin and saw this: "[18:21]  Giselle Melune: I lobe yours sloane!"; when we drew impromptu pix of our art partner, OH it was the best class ever! When Miss Neby said she was hurting, it made me feel her humanity and know I'm not alone. (I liked her opening to us a little, that's what authentic relationships are about.)

Subject-wise I hated spelling so much, especially the sentences. (Drudgery is not fun at all) My fave subjects were ART, blogging and cool games, the mystery story that was started, decorating punkins & eggs. (Open-ended decorating is simple but can be very creative fun...Like did you see Sharaye's pumpkin, for instance? Or Melody's?) I think the hardest task in class (for me) was to have words FLYING BY rapidly but I have to watch keyboard when I type so I missed some text for sure. Please forgive me if you ever greeted me and I did not respond. Likewise, my avatar does not maneuver smoothly* so I apologise if I ever bumped you---cuz I might have occasionally---but could not type sorry while on de move LOL, therefore I say it now and mean it.

*private reason for this

Monday, October 18, 2010

WHO WAS I ON OSE's SUPERHERO DAY? (and pwease dun ask me why I holding my cwotch here--I tink it was a bafwoom issue!)

I was/am Ghostie Super-Buster...My powers are to detect filmy presences in de distance so they dun scare me too muchie when I come near. This way, I can shriek first and maybe scare dem into a sudden sheet-wilt. Haha Then they will be a little more respectful of peeps just knowing that we can frighten back, right?

At the age of 3, I was in some woods on what I thought was a foggy day BUT when de sun came out, the mist was still there....& it said "Ooooooooh" so I wan away!

But I wike having power to sense when ghosts are nearby--then I dun freeze wike an ice sculpture if they twy"surprise" me, heh heh. Guess wut? Once time, I was in a haunted housie and knowed a ghost was waiting at top of stairs for I sneaked up de back stairway and jumped a BOO! behind him: he shocked himsewf right thru de roof and spread his shivery haze all over town!!!

PS. It was fun to have Aeryn Toland as my Superhero partner.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Am I an optimist or a pessimist? Why?

Umm is dis de classic question of whether the glass is half empty or half full? NEITHER! Cuz when it's chocolate milk, I scarf it all down....bad example, hello? haha. But I will explain dis in another way:

I am basically a positive thinker but it is stoopid to not reality-check in some situations. What do I mean? Well, if I am walking down a nice optimistic path of roses then life is fly and I am chill. But if the bushes grow closer together and thorns scratch me...well, okay, I can apply bandaids when there is a clearing. But if the the plants grow dense from more thoughtless seeding, then I get continued cuts and my skin rips while I drip streams of haemo-hurt. Should I go on being positive that things will work out? Well, aren't I worth more than wearing slashes and scars? I tink I am (and I tink everyone is). And should the shoddy planter not become aware that careless actions are not acceptable? My plan might then be to switch to a path of carnations--less fragrant but less damaging. So would I be a pessimist to have left the first path, thinking all was lost there? No, not at all--this would not be a case of "Sloane be's a quitter"'s a case of Sloane refusing to be an enabler of unfair circumstances...and sending back that message to the originator so pruning (or unforced dialogue) might take place. Dat's all. And it's important to recreate happy thoughts in the new circumstances...heal myself & others with smiles and with forgiveness all around (including to my own fallible self). It's not always an easy route but I do tink it's the best in hurtful situations or negative circumstances.

Btw, I was writing generally (here) about how I tink & act philosophically, none of dis is about specfics.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What Halloween costume will I wear and why?

Prologue: When Mama took me to see Captain Jack Sparrow in "Pirates of the Caribbean", I developed a crush on Johnny Depp. Too old for me? NO...cuz you know chill is always cool, right? But lately, thoughts of Derek Hough in "Dancing with the Stars" have paso dobled into my mind so I thought I might put together a glitzy DWTS costume for this Halloween.

Last Friday night, Kennah and I ventured out to several Fifty Linden stores. The convo went something like this--
Sloane: Do you tink this owange & black spinster dress would look good on me?
McKennah: Hmmm, you know what's weird? One of your eyes is open but the other one is shut tight.
Sloane: Muss be an SL issue?
McKennah: You want me to punch you in de other eye so they match?
Sloane: No way!
McKennah: Maybe you've developed an optical prob. Here, I have an eyepatch I'll give you.
Sloane: YaY, it has a tiny Jolly Roger on it and I like the look.

Postscript: So now I think I'll create a pint-sized Halloween pirate set (Sloane-style), maybe eben with a bandana wike Capt. Jack wore. Then I can be a cute piwate like Depp who dances at our party like Hough.

PPS. Dis was one sly way to get pix of my 2 crushes into dis blog, haha. Shhh!


Saturday, October 9, 2010

What animal would I like to study?

     I was invited to spend my eleventh summer in Bermuda where my grandfather lived. I swam daily at a nearby beach that had a lifeguard. One day, a young girl (frolicking at the shoreline) stepped on the tentacles of a large, live jellyfish. The child screamed and writhed in pain as welts and lash marks reddened her foot and shin. I was stunned, became fearful.

     Near the end of the trip, my granddad took me on a long ferry ride: It happened to be during a week when locals said jellyfish were abundant. While exploring the ferry, I chanced to look over the stern and was transfixed by the ballet below: Countless jellyfish were billowing, slowly swirling as if in the dying moments of Tchaikovsky's "Swan Lake". Then the vessel's powerful propellers sucked them into a death spiral and chopped them to bits right in front of my eyes. It was so contradictory to see beauty dancing to ugliness and senselessly destroyed. Scared though I was of these creatures, compassion surged through me---not unlike what Coleridge wrote of the drifting sailor's epiphany (after cursing sealife earlier) when watching electric eels in RIME OF THE ANCIENT MARINER:

"....Beyond the shadow of the ship
I watched the water-snakes:
They moved in tracks of shining white,
And when they reared, the elfish light
Fell off in hoary flakes.

Within the shadow of the ship
I watched their rich attire:
Blue, glossy green, and velvet black,
They coiled and swam; and every track
Was a flash of golden fire.

O happy living things! no tongue
Their beauty might declare:
A spring of love gushed from my heart,
And I blessed them unaware:
Sure my kind saint took pity on me,
As I blessed them unaware.

The selfsame moment I could pray;
And from my neck so free
The Albatross fell off, and sank
Like lead into the sea...."

     And my point is? Just that jellyfish mesmerize me---I would like to learn about them in the animal kingdom.