Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What Superpower Would I Like to Have?

I'd wike power to have stayed calm through the stress test that I flunked today: I tried to connentwate on what I wrote in school but had to watch chat text as well and scan for typos with my brain's built-in Spelchek while at same time, scout keyboard to prevent more slipups and then messig 2 friends that I'm in school so cut the IMs please. No sooner was I done wif that than I whined to Cog, my creator-pal, "Hey, stop sending me TPs---I dont want all those pix you just dropped on me as they cover my screen and I'm unable to see if teasher's cross cuz I prolly missed 411." He badgered, "Just come for a minute! You must see this: I made grouse avatars and a bunch of customers are in the shop wearing them!" (See sample pic above.) My guts clutched in dis dizzy-tizzy but OH NO, not true *winks*....I forgot I had dis relaxashun Super-Power-AO now so I put my feet up on deskie and jus chilled till Miss Nevy said, "Sloane, git yer shoes back on the floor cuz I say so and I have de superest power in this classroom." :P

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