Tuesday, August 31, 2010

BIOMEs (especially a desert biome)

Biomes are parts of our world with same temperters and this is the reason why land there---and plants and aminals---are alike. Some people say dere are only 5 main types of biomes: watery, desert, forest, grassland, and tundra cold-ground. But others split biomes further into sub-groups wike rainforests and coral reefs. I should pick one of those last 2 to write more about since they're exciting...but to my thinking, I find Joshua trees so WOW that I will seize dis chance to get a photo of one right into my blog!

A desert biome is an awea where very little life exists cus not much water is there unless you wanna live near an oasis with springs (no, not de boing! kind but de "swim me & dwink me" type). Scientists say one-fifth of our planet is desert and there are two different types: hot and dry (such as the Arabian and Sahara deserts) and cold and dry (such as Antarctica and the Gobi desert). Deserts can be found on every continent except Europe but IMO, prolly de most beautiful desert biome is the Mojave desert in southwestern USA. Why? Because dat's where you can see this AWESOME spiky Joshua tree plant which makes you shout "Owie!" if you back into it. They grow fast and can live for hundreds of years, some eben for thousands, no kiddin'! Snakes, lizards, fwogs and camels also do well in deserts and of course, penguins are happy to shimmy their cheerful wobbles in Antarctica.

OH, btw, how did the Joshua Tree get its name? It was given by a group of Mormon pioneers over 150 years ago: The tree's special shape reminded them of a Bible story in which Joshua reaches his hands up to the sky in prayer.

That's all I hab to say about a desert biome for now. If I knew much more then why bother studying it, right?

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