Friday, August 27, 2010

What do you Think about People who Take Advantage of Others?

I do believe that when peeps are together, we all take from each other a little bit. Like, if can't find my pencil case, a friend might give me her spare HB showing Hello Kitty Ballerina in a pirouette of pinkness. But I will share my baloney sammich with her if she forgets her wunch one day. (Whadya mean she gets short end of the stick? lol.) The problem with users, though, is that they are often takin', takin'. "Me, me, me" they cry---kinda like an opera singer stuck on the same note when practicing her re mimimimi! Then, the constant taker gets as annoying as a pigeon who wants your whole bag of popcorn and what do you get for your kindness?
Poopie on yer headie. Grrrr!

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