Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Write on Something You Like & Don't Like about Yourself

Here is one ting I dun wike about myself: I seem to hab burglar/thief tendencies or sumpin. Scary! And I will take a dare too---dis is a bad combo. It all started when Brace Badger joined my HKE class last year. He was funny and charming and vewy bright. On class trips, he would dare me to do stuffy and the more this happened, then the more we bonded. BUT one day in May, Miss Jesie had a RL singing engagement so Miss Lena was substitute and she caught him challenging me to jump off a high bridge as I was poised on de brink of full kiddie crush! She had a hissyfit and forbade us to do anymore daring so we had to graduate (pardon de pun) to after-school shenanigans. We dun do dis often but sometimes we go to a role play sim and I put it?....well, we become junior sim-masters and create our own "role play". Once, we went to a pwace called Richmond City and heard a BangBang as we were walking down de street. We sneaked into de house to find a grownup had just shot a guy. Brace hurried off to raid de fridge while I stood amid de crime scene, callously primping my hair! The killer said "You kids should not be about when your parent's not online and Brace quipped, "But you just shot our daddy!" Then we rushed off to the big cheese---Crack Den's Hathian. My bf decided the ultimate would be to steal a police cruiser but they were all locked down and had annoying sirens (Hey, dun they know no party sounds are allowed in a serious rpg?) Anyway, we were cheesed off so even though the police station has official codes for entry, we managed to break in and scarf down some donuts in the officers' grungy lounge. Then, we explored de whole premises till we located the Captain's office and Brace filed a citizen's complaint. Said he wrote it in his profile and left a message for it to be found there. When I proofread it for spelling, dis is what I saw: "Sloane teached me how to hotwire a car but her hotwired my heart."
This brings me to one ting I love about myself: Beloved Brace!

Here he sits on some sargeant's detective mags while we chill to electronica rhythms of Hathian's static-y police scanner. Then Brace sent out an All-Points-Bulletin on his own name ---he weally did!---and we took off at full tilt run.

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