Thursday, November 18, 2010

How was my First Day of School this Term?

With the warm echoes of last year's HKE class greetings still haunting my present yearning, I lagged through OSE's corridors into my new term with Miss Neby. WOW, we have moved from gloomy attic status to a sparkly beginning in a classroom with so many windows that bright ideas and enlightenment are bound to seep in and "that hope" inside me that refuses to tamp itself down merged with my joy to be situated beside our playground where sounds of residual laugh gestures filter through walls to my essence.

Then, I set down a Hello Kitty colouring sheet as the first item on my work surface which is bound to end up like what I once told McKennah: "My desk always looks like one prim short of a fancy bordello decor". (Not that she knew what I meant, of course, and neither did I for that matter :p )

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