Wednesday, September 1, 2010

If I could be any animal, what would I be?

If I could be any aminal, I would prolly not be a cat as I would love my beauty so much that I'd waste away just admiring myself in de mirror! So let me be a seagull who can teleport without the help of Linden labs. I would patrol sky and ocean: For instance, if I saw a dolphin and shark swimming along, I would dip my wings in salute like a plane in an airshow...but if de shark got too close to swimmers then I would splash water nearby so ppl could see the fin! And in between saving lives like a winged coast guard officer, I would sing my haunting ballad out loud to let folks know summer is here and to remind kids they are welcome to share snack treats with me!

PS to Santa who sees all so prolly my blog, too: Santa? Please look below for my #1 choice in Christmas wish list, kk? xoxox Swoane

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