Saturday, October 16, 2010

Am I an optimist or a pessimist? Why?

Umm is dis de classic question of whether the glass is half empty or half full? NEITHER! Cuz when it's chocolate milk, I scarf it all down....bad example, hello? haha. But I will explain dis in another way:

I am basically a positive thinker but it is stoopid to not reality-check in some situations. What do I mean? Well, if I am walking down a nice optimistic path of roses then life is fly and I am chill. But if the bushes grow closer together and thorns scratch me...well, okay, I can apply bandaids when there is a clearing. But if the the plants grow dense from more thoughtless seeding, then I get continued cuts and my skin rips while I drip streams of haemo-hurt. Should I go on being positive that things will work out? Well, aren't I worth more than wearing slashes and scars? I tink I am (and I tink everyone is). And should the shoddy planter not become aware that careless actions are not acceptable? My plan might then be to switch to a path of carnations--less fragrant but less damaging. So would I be a pessimist to have left the first path, thinking all was lost there? No, not at all--this would not be a case of "Sloane be's a quitter"'s a case of Sloane refusing to be an enabler of unfair circumstances...and sending back that message to the originator so pruning (or unforced dialogue) might take place. Dat's all. And it's important to recreate happy thoughts in the new circumstances...heal myself & others with smiles and with forgiveness all around (including to my own fallible self). It's not always an easy route but I do tink it's the best in hurtful situations or negative circumstances.

Btw, I was writing generally (here) about how I tink & act philosophically, none of dis is about specfics.

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