Monday, October 18, 2010

WHO WAS I ON OSE's SUPERHERO DAY? (and pwease dun ask me why I holding my cwotch here--I tink it was a bafwoom issue!)

I was/am Ghostie Super-Buster...My powers are to detect filmy presences in de distance so they dun scare me too muchie when I come near. This way, I can shriek first and maybe scare dem into a sudden sheet-wilt. Haha Then they will be a little more respectful of peeps just knowing that we can frighten back, right?

At the age of 3, I was in some woods on what I thought was a foggy day BUT when de sun came out, the mist was still there....& it said "Ooooooooh" so I wan away!

But I wike having power to sense when ghosts are nearby--then I dun freeze wike an ice sculpture if they twy"surprise" me, heh heh. Guess wut? Once time, I was in a haunted housie and knowed a ghost was waiting at top of stairs for I sneaked up de back stairway and jumped a BOO! behind him: he shocked himsewf right thru de roof and spread his shivery haze all over town!!!

PS. It was fun to have Aeryn Toland as my Superhero partner.

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