Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What Halloween costume will I wear and why?

Prologue: When Mama took me to see Captain Jack Sparrow in "Pirates of the Caribbean", I developed a crush on Johnny Depp. Too old for me? NO...cuz you know chill is always cool, right? But lately, thoughts of Derek Hough in "Dancing with the Stars" have paso dobled into my mind so I thought I might put together a glitzy DWTS costume for this Halloween.

Last Friday night, Kennah and I ventured out to several Fifty Linden stores. The convo went something like this--
Sloane: Do you tink this owange & black spinster dress would look good on me?
McKennah: Hmmm, you know what's weird? One of your eyes is open but the other one is shut tight.
Sloane: Muss be an SL issue?
McKennah: You want me to punch you in de other eye so they match?
Sloane: No way!
McKennah: Maybe you've developed an optical prob. Here, I have an eyepatch I'll give you.
Sloane: YaY, it has a tiny Jolly Roger on it and I like the look.

Postscript: So now I think I'll create a pint-sized Halloween pirate set (Sloane-style), maybe eben with a bandana wike Capt. Jack wore. Then I can be a cute piwate like Depp who dances at our party like Hough.

PPS. Dis was one sly way to get pix of my 2 crushes into dis blog, haha. Shhh!



  1. Op..ti which?
    *figures you had a go at the dictionary sauce again*
    oh well...you can make me sound smart if ya wanna. You got my APPROBATION
    *dies of stomach cramps from over-laughing*

  2. Would like to revive you with resuscitation BUT I just ate a caesar salad so I hafta let you succumb!