Thursday, October 28, 2010

What I learned in school so far~~also likes & dislikes

I learned who has the guts to make their own decision about me without blindly following the impressions or grudge of another.
I have learned that those who say they dislike "drama" create it overtly and covertly at times, just in their own way, but don't seem to recognize it as such.
I learned what a struggle forgiveness is but mostly, I can do it.
I learned if or when I go to another class, I'll be ok as I will take me with me...
I learned how amusing McKennah is:

[10:43 PM]  McKennah Starbrook yawns
[10:45 PM]  McKennah Starbrooks: I better get to sleep *sighs*
[10:45 PM]  McKennah Starbrook: tired
[10:45 PM]  Sloane Woodford: kk
[10:45 PM]  Sloane Woodford: nini
[10:45 PM]  McKennah Starbrook grins
[10:45 PM]  McKennah Starbrook: night sloane
[10:47 PM]  McKennah Starbrook: I need to take a building class someday
[10:48 PM]  Sloane Woodford: u r so GOOD u built de yurt really fast
[10:48 PM]  Sloane Woodford: tho lost yer notes for presentation
[10:48 PM]  Sloane Woodford: haha
[10:49 PM]  McKennah Starbrook: pffft
[10:49 PM]  Sloane Woodford: oh yes i will rub it in forever
[10:49 PM]  McKennah Starbrook: k, right
[10:49 PM]  McKennah Starbrook: sleepin now
[10:49 PM]  McKennah Starbrook: lol
[10:49 PM]  Sloane Woodford: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
[10:49 PM]  McKennah Starbrook pulls the covers over her head
[10:49 PM]  Sloane Woodford: YOU WOKE ME!!!
[10:49 PM]  Sloane Woodford: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
[10:49 PM]  Sloane Woodford:  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
[10:49 PM]  McKennah Starbrook grins and whispers reeeeeealll quiet "night sloane"
[10:50 PM]  Sloane Woodford: U WOKE ME, WITCH!!!
[10:50 PM]  McKennah Starbrook: fAKER
[10:50 PM]  McKennah Starbrook: LOL
[10:50 PM]  Sloane Woodford: hahaha
[10:50 PM]  McKennah Starbrook hurls a pillow at you
[10:50 PM]  Sloane Woodford: omg u r a fun fwiend

I learned there are some other classmate-friends too: you know who you are and I value the friendship. Your kindness did not go unnoticed.

What I liked best in class was when Miss Neby called me Sweety two times vewy warmly, when I learned how to make 1 prim animals for my biome project, when I rezed my pink punkin and saw this: "[18:21]  Giselle Melune: I lobe yours sloane!"; when we drew impromptu pix of our art partner, OH it was the best class ever! When Miss Neby said she was hurting, it made me feel her humanity and know I'm not alone. (I liked her opening to us a little, that's what authentic relationships are about.)

Subject-wise I hated spelling so much, especially the sentences. (Drudgery is not fun at all) My fave subjects were ART, blogging and cool games, the mystery story that was started, decorating punkins & eggs. (Open-ended decorating is simple but can be very creative fun...Like did you see Sharaye's pumpkin, for instance? Or Melody's?) I think the hardest task in class (for me) was to have words FLYING BY rapidly but I have to watch keyboard when I type so I missed some text for sure. Please forgive me if you ever greeted me and I did not respond. Likewise, my avatar does not maneuver smoothly* so I apologise if I ever bumped you---cuz I might have occasionally---but could not type sorry while on de move LOL, therefore I say it now and mean it.

*private reason for this

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