Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Once when you were frightened, what happened?

The scariest thing that happened to me in SL occurred last year. A little red-haired boy befriended me and he was funny as well as bright. We went to several sites together and were always laffing. One day, he asked if I would like to see where he lived. I said "Sure!" figuring he had a nice home and we would play in the yard. But he teleported me inside a skybox VERY high up and it was completely closed (no windows or doors). Inside, it was kinda dark. There was a dense forest with a river in the middle. Beside the water was a bench and a rug. I was confused, then decided he prolly lived outdoors with a furry family and slept on the lil carpet. We sat on his bench and talked and joked for a few minutes, then (with a chuckle) the boy said: "If you take off all your clothes, Sloane, I will wash them for you in the river." I was so shocked that I was not sure I got the words right. I checked and oh, I did! So I TPed away from there immediately as I did not want Linden Labs to think I even contemplated such action. A few weeks later, I heard he was banned from SL along with some new girl he had met.