Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What Would Happen if Children Ruled the World?

BIG idea, big and it's not a beachball or a Charlie Chaplin silent mobie clip. We ex-cyst in a "circle of life" round plan-it* almost like some supersized multi-atmospheric biome containing all our "junior" biomettes along with people and skunks and french fries and Barbie dolls and oil spills and iPads and churches and landslides and hospitals and gangstas and daisies and war-stoppers...but war-starters too. Etcetera. Ewww what a responsibility! I do think kids would wike to rule the world till the going got tough though: "Dad, you're grounded for gibing me such a puny allowance!" Most children would forego school in favour of a television education (let's develop our memories by learning when our fave shows will be broadcast). Food would be junky meals (today's supper is soupy ice cream slurped up through licorice Twizzlers). Wardrobes might be whimsical, hmmm they are already! in order to rebel, we'd have to manufacture fully functional clothes (how drabby) ! But what would happen when a bully-nation decided to prank eberyone with "new-kill-ya!" arms? Then what? We would all be blast inside an atomic mushroom wondering if Linden Labs adults had the foresight to create a heavenly Third Life game before handing over the ruler-reins to us pipsqueaks :P

*PS. Plan-it better!

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