Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Topic given: If you were a mouse in your house for the evening, what would you see your family doing?

hey! i'm a tiny mouse *squeaks to prove it*. there's a mystery in the hole-in-a-wall that's my crib :P i need small crumbs* to sustain my tute ears/perky whiskers but the floor here is nuffin but bare pixels. all i know is that no one's home today: the gwownups are all workin late and the lil blond kid, what happened to her? last time she was in SL, she'd just finished her Biome Box project, gone to class and then muttered sompin like "huh? how could miss neby ask me to be a wodent?" fwankly, i dun unnerstand what's goin on or eben where Sloane went...

*small crumbs is a two-word phrase coined by Winden Wabs' Department of Redundancy Department.

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