Saturday, September 4, 2010

Which quality (or qualities) most describes your life in sl or rl?

Hmmm, a mishmash: both my lives are creative and funny and happy and sad and exciting and busy and tiring and fulfilling and fwustrating and joyous and scary and loving and peaceful and agitating like most lives. Sometimes, all in one confusing day! rofl. (jk) I go up one rung in life's ladder and slip down two...and vice versa...just like a lot people. The folks ya gotta watch are some of those (not all) who act like eberything is wonderful about them: Look close enough and you'll see stress cracks created by trying to hold together a "perfect" image. But don't be a poseur on my account, please, I enjoy relaxing with peeps... and being ourselves.

I remember the RL time we took an elevator under Niagara Falls to see "Journey Behind the Falls". I was fwightened in the slippery tunnels but then we met a professor who said, "Do you see all the stress cracks formed in this limestone?" I couldn't wait to get outta there...but when we got back to street level, the Horseshoe Falls seemed sensational, flawless. !!

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