Friday, September 17, 2010

What if cows gave root beer instead of milk?

Mmmm in concentwate form, it could be added to cwushed ice for a slurpee! THIS would look so good on McKenNOH NOH no I must not think like dis! I love McKennah and want her to stay dry cuz winter is coming. Also, Miss Neby does not wike slurpees flung about! Aww. Too bad. Drinks should be enjoyed in many ways and that's my philosophy. However, not everyone has my point of view (Utoh, please dun take that last word as a cue to begin ranting about SL viewers, I am all viewer-talked out atm, tyvm!) Also, I'm very thirsty now, gonna go make me a slurpee.

PS The biggest drawback to this no-more-milk plan is that ice cream cones would taste substandard, mark my words.


  1. Man...
    You better not!
    I'd hate to hafta miss soccer cause I hadda pound you one

  2. FYI, slurpees enhance soccer performance, they make your moves more slippery: you can kick-slide de ball higher on a chip pass so it sails way above a defender's head. Thank me later for this impromptu coaching, I am in no rush to hear your gratitude.