Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Journal prompt: Tell your fave things about FALL

Autumn: just the word creates anticipation for punkin pie
Halloween BOO! sites to visit~spooky & kooky~*major trip hint 4 Miss Neby*
scrunchy leaves become background music for reals
aroma of burning leafies reminds you how fun they were to dive into
thoughts of Christmas grow obsessive till December's blizzard of shoppin
crows fly away and stop waking me at sunrise (Dun huwwy back!)
sea smoke dances vewy slinky on our harbor in cold mornings
And de best part of dis season? ADIOS heatwaves!


  1. I wish it was adios heatwaves for me! where i live the warm weather holds true until at least jan/feb and then by the end of feb it comes back once again. wonderful entry!

  2. ty for your encouragement, Miss Nev. <3<3<3